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"The universe is so compassionate; it allows you to draw in what you need in order to heal yourself."
Oprah Winfrey
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Bill Brown, LICSW
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In my work as a clinician, I am committed to the joint establishment of an empathic and safe space in which to explore the unique problems of my clients. Through a focus on current issues, personal history and intrapsychic functioning, my goal is to free my clients to experience more control over their lives and their relationships as well as to understand the reasons for repetitive life patterns and to change them.

Because of my training in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic schools of therapy, those tend to be the tools that I use. In addition to technique, however, a warm trusting relationship between client and therapist is essential and I find a sense of humor and an ability to be genuine facilitate that.

My particular interests include the development and identity formation of gay men and the ways in which how we think about ourselves and others play important roles in our relationships.

And finally, I feel a deep sense of commitment to my clients and feel especially privileged to be able to share a portion of their journey with them.