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"The universe is so compassionate; it allows you to draw in what you need in order to heal yourself."
Oprah Winfrey
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Linda S. Jones, Ed.D.
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I look at therapy as a tool to assist with life challenges, whether these challenges arise from external or internal circumstances or a combination. This frame is more useful to me than regarding problems as “pathology”. In this light, we don’t need to wait until we are desperate in order to seek therapy, and we don’t need to regard ourselves as weak or defective. By the same token, none of us will ever be “finished” with our psychological growth, and we don’t need to stay in therapy until we are perfect.

Our life journeys bring many challenges and losses that are inherently difficult to handle. Many problems in relationships and at work arise from expectations and behaviors that were helpful to us at an earlier point in our lives- but are not helpful anymore. We also arrive at many of our expectations and behaviors as a result of our cultural contexts of ethnicity, gender, and nationality, as well as other contexts and experiences. Over the course of my training and experience, I have been strongly influenced by humanistic, psychodynamic, and existential approaches to psychotherapy. I also integrate some cognitive-behavioral techniques, although this is not my primary approach. In my experience, the therapeutic relationship is a powerful element of healing and change.

Before becoming a psychologist, I taught general music in a public school for several years, and still have a strong interest in the performing arts. I attended the University of Maine at Orono for my Master’s degree in Counseling, and went on to earn an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology from Boston University. As a psychologist I have had clinical experience in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Prior to coming to Rasi Associates in 2012, I served as Director of Counseling and Health Services at Salem State University for over twenty years, working with college students of all ages as a therapist, trainer, consultant and administrator. At Rasi Associates, I have been able to return to a focus on individual psychotherapy and the rewards of working collaboratively with clients toward the changes they hope to see in their lives.