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Questions and Answers about Group Therapy

How does a group work?

A group is much more than a time to talk about problems and ask for advice on how to fix them. When the group meets, we take a close look at the ways we respond to others, the strategies we use in relationships, and the choices we make. We look at how these affect us and those around us. We explore our cutting edges and the places where we need to learn and grow.

As the group gets to know each other and learns to work together, group members discover that we can challenge each other to work on the issues we bring to the group. We rarely talk with friends or co-workers about how our interactions work and how they don’t work, but in the group we will talk about our interactions frequently, how they affect others, and what they teach us about ourselves.

The leader works to facilitate the group, but it is the members of the group who work together to support and challenge each other to grow. Each member brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the group. When a person needs support in one area, there’s almost always two or three others who have experience and strengths in that area.

So who sets the agenda for the group?

From the very first meeting, you do. It’s your group, and you bring the things you need to talk about into the group. In fact, you will benefit more from the group when you bring in things to work on and when you join in the conversation.

Will I be pressured to share personal information before I feel ready?

No. How much you share with the group is your decision. But it’s also true that the more you share the more benefit you will get from the group.

What if I do share personal information with the group—will others find out?

Each member of the group is committed to keeping the content of the group discussion confidential. To keep the group a safe space, information shared with the group must stay in the group.

What if I want to spend time with someone outside the group?

Spending time with group members outside the group is discouraged. We are working to understand each other and help each other grow. This works best if the relationships we develop with each other remain in the group. However, if you spend time with another group member outside the group, it is important that the rest of the group be informed. Much of the work we do together is to understand how our interactions affect others, and spending time with group members outside of the group is an important interaction.

What are my commitments to group?

The commitment required will vary with the purpose of the group and the style of the group leader.  Generally, you will be asked to commit to a number of weeks when you start and asked to give notice before you quit a group.  Your particular group leader may set other rules and boundaries particular to the needs of that group.

What if I miss a session?

If you must miss a session, please call ahead so the group can be told that your absence is expected. However, because the group meets every week, you are expected to pay even when you cancel.

How much does group cost?

Currently, Rasi Associates charges $55 per weekly meeting.