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"The universe is so compassionate; it allows you to draw in what you need in order to heal yourself."
Oprah Winfrey
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Claire Bonfilio, LICSW
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In therapy, as in life, it is in relationships with others that we are able to see that which is otherwise obscure. As a therapist, it is my job to help reveal the blind spots that may go unnoticed without the added perspective of the “other.” It is through the therapeutic connection that I hope to help my clients appreciate, learn from and enjoy other human connections in their lives.

I am interested in understanding people by asking good questions and paying close attention to verbal and non-verbal styles of communication. I attempt to help illuminate that which moves people both positively and negatively in ways they wish to move and sometimes in ways they do not. I believe deeply in the power of awareness as a prerequisite for choice either to change or to embrace and value what is.

As a therapist I like to create a safe and accepting space for my clients to explore, grow, dispel old shame, and discover what is truly important to them. I am honored to be a fellow traveler with clients as they find meaning to their lives and shift from automatic behavior to making conscious choices with awareness.

To each therapeutic relationship I bring not only my training and background as a psychotherapist but the other important experiences in my life as well. I have been in a long and successful marriage, and with my husband of thirty-one years, have raised two now grown children. With these experiences have come wisdom, and the humility that can arise only from living through the challenges of adult life. I am happy to join my clients in their efforts to make and find meaning in their lives as they navigate through their own waters.